3 Tips to Convert a Prospect into a Paying Client via the  Sales Pipeline

Have you ever wondered how to effectively move a prospect faster through the sales process? In order to grow your business, you need a steady flow of new prospects in your sales pipeline that are continuously becoming paying clients.

Moving prospects through the sales pipeline so they become paying clients is integral part of business development. Learning how to speed up the sale process when converting prospects into paying clients means more money for your business and less time wasted on people who may not be suitable to begin with. The challenge is, “how” do you get prospects moving through the sales process faster so you can close more sales and increase your bottom line revenue?

As you you are building your prospect list, it’s important to find the right people. I like to refer to these people as the the “most important payers” a.k.a. the “MIP’s.”  The MIP is the decision maker and the person who needs whatever you are selling. The MIP is most likely the person is capable of pulling the trigger when it comes to making a buying decision. When you are prospecting, your list of contacts should be comprised of MIP’s. You must identify if you are talking to the right prospect who is empowered to make a move when it comes to buying whatever you are offering.

Once you’ve identified the most important payer, you must learn what they need and want as a consumer. Before you move a prospect through the sales pipeline, you must learn as much information as you possibly can about them. It’s very difficult attempting to sell something to someone you do not know. Remember this, people rarely buy from strangers but often buy from those they are familiar with or know very well.

Let’s learn about the three important points of interest where prospects are concerned.  Once you have a handle on these points of interest concerning your prospects, it will be a lot easier to convert them into paying clients.

  1. Identify a Pain-point

In the sales process it is vitally important to identify what big issue, problem or challenge your prospect is facing. This dilemma is typically a pain-point that causes stress, inconvenience, damage or monetary challenges in some way for the prospect. I like to refer to this dilemma as a  SUPER PROBLEM a.k.a. pain-point.  The fact is, most people are willing to pay for solutions when it comes to big, or super-sized problems.  Super sized problems are critical in nature and typically lead to other problems if they are not managed properly. 

To help illustrate my point about super-sized problems, I have created this acronym, SUPER. Super problems are the ones that keep your prospects up at night.

S stands for substantive meaning it’s a problem that pertains to an essential part of your business and relates to something that is of big concern.

U stands for understood, meaning the person has to be aware that there is a problem.

P stands for pervasive which means to spread throughout. Sometimes problems trickle downhill and effect everything in the general area.

E stands for expensive meaning this problem has the potential to cost money down the road and lead to a bigger problem if not managed properly. Of course anything that has the potential to grow into something bigger typically becomes more expensive as well.

R stands for repetitive meaning this is a problem that can continue to get worse and worse as time passes.

2. Identify a Passion point

As you go through the process of converting prospects into paying customers, you must strike an emotional connection. People both male and female, are emotional creatures. That said, you need to make your prospect feel some type of emotion when you are in the sales process. Whether it is something the prospect feels strongly in favor of or feels strongly against, there should be some trigger that connects with the prospect on a humanity level. 

Your job is to find out what your prospects are passionate about and why. Once you know this information, you’re able to leverage it in the sales process in your favor.

Think of it this way, human beings like to do business with others that they know, like and trust. Once you have established  a rapport with your prospect, and you understand what they are passionate about, you are in a better position to sell them something they want or need. This positions you much closer to a positive reaction from the prospect.

3. Identify a pivot point

The last point of interest is the pivot point which is vitally important because it relates to transformation. Your prospect is a prospect because at some point they have expressed interest in whatever you are selling. As a potential buyer, they are in need of change in some area of their life or business. With that said, they are seeking  to change something which is why they are in the market for a solution. When a person is looking for an answer to a problem or challenge they are facing, they are seeking to get an improvement in that area. Hence the need for change or total transformation is at hand. 

Your job is to find out what needs to change and why. Once you know this information, you will be able to position your product or service as the positive change the prospect is looking for.

As you can see, in the sales process there are 3 critical points of interest that you must pay attention to when attempting to covert a prospect into a paying client.  If you miss one of these areas, you will undoubtedly delay the process and have limited or no success in closing the sale. However, if you nail this process, you will nail it with the prospect and be in a better position to close the sale and make more money.

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