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Who are QMC Group events for?

  • Uncompromising, passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs who are committed to achieve their goals, GROW THEIR BUSINESSES and level up!
  • Consultants, coaches, authors, trainers, speakers, service providers, inventors, service based entrepreneurs, product based entrepreneurs and ANY work from home, professionals ready and willing to take massive action to win BIG!

Who should attend?

The common denominator shared by all of the entrepreneurs and small business owners  who attend QMC Group  events (hosted by Lori A. Manns)… is that they are growth oriented people who want to make a difference in the world and use their gifts ands skills to make an impact. This also applies to those who choose to attend webinar events as well.

If you fall into one of the categories below, our  events will be perfect for you, if your area of expertise is not mentioned, as long as you have a brand with targeted customers and access to them, our trainings will benefit you.

The bottom line is simply, if you have a product and or service to market and  sell, you will benefit from the training offered by Lori A. Manns.

If  you’re wondering how to get your message out in the marketplace, because you’re tired of being the best kept secret, DO NOT DELAY another moment, make sure you attend the next event hosted by Lori.