1.  Content

Content is key. Make sure that whatever you are writing about on your website is of interest to your target customer. You have to share information that your target audience finds compelling and valuable. If you are not perceived as credible, sincere and knowledgeable then you will not hold the attention of your audience. Be engaging. Be informative. Be topical. Be interesting. Be yourself, just make sure the audience will find the information you offer useful.

    2.     Search Engines

Here are some of the search engines you should use to list your product or service. Some of these sites are free and some are not. Be sure to research which sites are more appropriate or effective for your business time.

Looksmart: http://www.looksmart.com/

Lycos: http://www.lycos.com/

MSN: http://search.msn.com/

NBCi: http://www.nbci.com/

Netscape: http://home.netscape.com/

Yahoo Web Sites: http://www.yahoo.com

AOL Search: http://search.aol.com/

Alta Vista: http://www.altavista.com/

All the Web: http://www.alltheweb.com/

ASK: http://www.ask.com/

Bing: http://www.bing.com/

3.  Publish articles, newsletters, free content or blogs.

A very effective yet inexpensive way to drive traffic to your website is to publish articles or newsletters and offer free content or blogs to your target customer about your industry or line of work. This will present you as the “expert” in your field and will get you exposure that you never dreamed of. Everyone knows that reporters and writers look for engaging material to write about whether they work for traditional print media or on-line magazine, blogs etc. So if you submit your work to any of these companies, you will receive exposure that you don’t have to pay for.

The key to these articles are to make sure it’s topical and informative. The content can’t be about your company and/or how great you are. The content needs to instructional at best, i.e., “10 Easy How to Steps about building a deck from scratch!” You get the point! You have to educate in order to activate. Educate your consumer in order to activate a sale!

4.  Exchange banners or links

There are probably tons of companies in the same or similar industry as yours that you can network with. Some of these companies may or may not be a direct competitor to your business. Nonetheless, if you exchange or trade banners or links with them, you will instantly benefit from their on-line traffic or vice versa. The key is, do not list these partner companies or affiliates on your home page. Make certain that you list them as “favorite websites” or “favorite links” some other friendly name to let people know you are simply recommending that they visit the site.

5. Promotion

All of the other steps without this one, will not matter. PROMOTION IS THE MACK DADDY OF THEM ALL. You must use every chance you get to market your website. The key is finding what type of promotion works best for your business. Do you incorporate the mindless easy promotion tactics to promote your website like including it in your e-mail signature, on business cards, on invoices, on your social media profiles, in several places on your website? Does your company have an introduction letter for new clients, a tri-fold brochure, post cards or flyers? Have you plastered your logo on ink pens, mouse-pads or T-shirts?

Make certain that when you promote your website…you promote your URL along with something free or something special. Tell people that when they go to your site they will receive “X” bonus or “X” for free. This will boost and drive traffic to your site, every time. Happy E-Marketing and Good Luck!


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