Personality TypesIt can be a real challenge trying to figure out how to communicate and manage your clients. As a small business owner, you may be thinking you should have taken a few refresher courses in psychology before starting your business.  Sometimes it is overwhelming trying to navigate the best ways to deal with the various personalities of your clients. However, it’s safe to say that if you do not learn how to effectively communicate with different types of people, you’re in for a difficult time and may even lose clients and revenue.


As a child, I can remember learning to read. I really loved learning new words and enjoyed reading books.  Reading came easy for me and I always read at a grade higher than the grade I was in. I remember one day my 2nd grade teacher called on me to read aloud in class. She complimented me on how well I pronounced my words and changed my tone. Of course as a child, all I understood was that my teacher liked the way I read so it made me feel good. The moral of the story is; I later figured out that I learned best by reading.


Today, there are lots of studies that demonstrate how young children learn these days.  Just to name a few: children learn by observation, asking questions, watching role models and basic learning materials. Of course adults are no different, we learn in many of the same ways children do.


So now let’s consider how your clients learn as well as the ways in which they prefer to consume information. Your clients are adults who need to learn about you, your business services and exactly what they can expect from working with you or buying from you.


There are 3 different  personality types to consider when assessing how to communicate with your clients.  One thing for sure is that, everyone learns differently. Some people learn best by listening, some by viewing and others by reading. It is very critical that you understand your client’s personality type when attempting to effectively communicate with them.


Listed below are 3 key personality types  which classify most people as well as a few indicators of the best ways to communicate with these specific people.


  1. Listeners

People who learn best by listening to instructions or directions are auditory learners. For this  personality type it is critical to verbally say the important aspects of what you want them to know or understand. These types of learners usually want to have conversations on the telephone more so than face to face encounters. Also if there is a problem that arises with this personality type, it is best to have a conversation with them to straighten it out.  Listeners learn     best when they are hearing information. Therefore people who are auditory learners may best  respond positively toward marketing strategies that include an audible component such as: pod-casts, tele-seminars, and webinars and telephone consultations.


  1. Viewers

People who learn best by viewing information are visual learners.  For this personality type it is critical to actually show them a picture, object or a document of which they can physically see.  These types of learners respond more positively when they have something tangible to consider.  If a customer service problem arises with this type of learner, it is best to have a face-to-face meeting with them to straighten it out. When dealing with this type of learner you must market to them using videos, webinars, live presentations or events.


  1. Readers

People who learn best by reading information, instructions or directions are also visual learners but they are more solution oriented. Readers are typically more detailed oriented people and like to see things in writing. These personality types are the kind of people who prefer to get emails and read blogs as a form of communication. They enjoy reading as much as they enjoy talking so you must write in a very conversational manner with this personality style.  For this personality type it is critical to pay attention to the details. If a customer service problem arises for this personality type, it’s best to address it in writing quickly to ensure them that you’re on top of it. Some of the best ways to market your products and services to this personality type is through email, print and blogs.


Effective communication is the key to managing your clients and solidifying trust in your relationship. Being able to properly identify your client’s personality style will help you determine the best way to service them, market to them and ultimately sell them your products and services.



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