There’s a saying that goes, love makes the world go around. I believe giving and receiving love is the best thing life has to offer. Love is a powerful emotion. Whether it’s personal or professional, we tend to gravitate toward people and things that we simply love for whatever reason. In personal relationships, we all have different requirements for what constitutes love. However when asked the question; “how did you know you were in love?” – Many people answer, “You just know!” Does this same sense of  simply knowing when it’s right also transfer into our business relationships? How do you know when you have a ‘love thing’ with your clients? I would submit the same answer when it comes to a business relationship. If the relationship with you and your clients is a “love thing”… you just know. In business, it’s important to have a strong bond with your clients based on mutual respect, trust, communication and reciprocity.

Are you trying to attract a better group of clients who are right for you and your business? Of course, if we were to define what is “right” about this prospective group, the characteristics would include: clients who love you, love doing business with you, and willingly pay your rates while telling everyone they know about you. These simple characteristics are awesome indicators for whether or not you have a love thing with your clients. If you’re wondering how to attract more ideal clients for your business, there are some key relationship signals to consider. There are 3 types of prospects in business. Each prospect type comes with signals.


Check out my short list of prospects and their signals for attracting the right kind of clients to your business.

Dead End ProspectsThis is the group of people who you know need your product or service but the timing is just not right. You know you can help them and that they will benefit from working with you but they are not ready to commit. Everyone knows that relationships without commitment rarely transform into anything meaningful.  If something is holding these folks back when it comes to working with you, move on. These are the people you don’t waste your time on.  Don’t call them. They will call you when or if they’re ready to work with you.

Courting ProspectsThis is the group of people who you know you can help, and they know they need your help but something is missing. This group wants to work with you, but they don’t have the money, authority or resources to hire you. Furthermore, they are in no hurry to begin the relationship, they may like you or your ideas but they don’t see enough value in what you bring to the table to hire you. Or they may see the value in what you offer but simply can’t afford it. These are the people who will meet with you to pick your brain but will “slowly drag” you along without making a decision to begin the relationship.   You should spend a very small amount of time on this group. Keep them on your newsletter list just in case. If you make the occasional phone call to determine if anything has changed that is more than sufficient.

Relationship Prospects This is the group of people you want to spend the most time on. These are the people, who you know you can help and they know, like and trust you. These people are ready to hire you, they see value in your product or service and they know it can help them. These are the people who are ready to commit to you.  They’re excited and thrilled that you have found one another. The best part is your relationship prospects have the money and resources to hire you once you have demonstrated value for them. .  A relationship prospect is built on reciprocity. It’s a match made in heaven. Needless to say, you spend the majority of your time with this group of prospects. Both parties give and get great value from the relationship and it’s a beautiful thing…quite simply, it’s a love thing!


Now that you know the ‘right’ kind of prospects to consider, think of where your relationship prospects can be found. Where do your “business relationship prospects” hang out? Remember these people will eventually become your ideal clients so you must learn everything there is to know about them. What social media are they utilizing? What professional groups do they belong to? What books do they read? Where do they network? Once you’ve identified where to find them, draft an introductory e-mail or letter to them. The purpose of the email or letter is to introduce yourself and your business, not to sell them. Make certain that your letter includes a value statement customized for your relationship prospect. The value statement should attract them toward you and make them self qualify. Your goal should be to use words, phrases and questions that will resonate enough to evoke a positive response in your relationship prospect. You want them to be intrigued enough to think they need you.

After you have made contact with your “relationship prospects” you will begin the journey of creating a long- lasting mutually rewarding business relationship. The key is to make as many new connections with the right kind of prospects. The more connections you make with your business “relationship prospects” the better your chances are of turning them into ideal high paying clients where there is an undeniable “love thing.”


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