Marketing For Trailblazer Home Study System

///Marketing For Trailblazer Home Study System

Marketing For Trailblazer Home Study System


An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Master Your Marketing, Attract More Clients, Elevate Your Fame and Make More Money!

A home study program that teaches you a step-by-step system to master your marketing and create a marketing plan that helps you attract more clients, elevate your fame and make more money in your business.


 Six (6) Modules/Training Lessons:
  1. Learn how to become more productive and manage your time wisely.
  2. Define the results you get for your clients and your unique sales proposition that attracts clients to you/your business.
  3. Identify your ideal clients and secrets to learning who you’re most gifted to serve.
  4. Key Strategies to elevate your fame and create a presence for yourself on-line and off-line.
  5. Create your Marketing Wheel, a step by step plan to help you consistently grow your client base.
  6. A 90-day action plan that outlines your daily/weekly ‘to-do’ items so you know what to do and when to get proven results consistently.
Also Includes:

A Three Ring notebook binder complete with training materials, instructions, templates, assignments, worksheets and resources to help guide you along the way. (shipped to you)

Audio Training with Each Module of the Program ~ Including Downloads of 6 Training Modules that you can listen to at your own pace as you work through the materials. (available via electronic MP3 downloads)

Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get your materials.