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Attention: Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Change Agents who dream of having a wildly, brilliant brand that is well-known and respected while impacting others and changing lives.

Elevate Your Brand and take it to the next level of Success!

Learn how to maximize, optimize and monetize your brand for improved results and bottom line success!

I truly believe that when you are marketing your business in the most effective way to the right audience, it’s fun, exciting and gets results. By that I mean, you get a steady stream of clients and in turn, make more money. Not only that, you’re  crystal clear about what you do and who it works for.

However, if you’re confused or stuck, it’s probably because you have not defined your brand and you don’t have a marketing plan that’s working. I want to help you change that.

Hi, I’m Lori. I’ve been helping entrepreneurs like you get results and grow their revenue for 5 years now. I don’t just do this work because I’m good at it. I do it because it’s what I love to do. You see I get geeked to  see an entrepreneur’s eyes light up with joy when they finally get it. I mean when they finally understand that they can build a brand they love that earns them money.

I want that for you. That’s why I wrote the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint.  I had you in mind.

Enter the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint

The Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint is a tool kit designed to give you strategy, guidelines and resources to help you define and design your “brilliant” brand for optimal results. This powerful resource will help you discover the missing pieces in your brand so that you know what to work on next. More importantly you will have a step-by-step game plan to help you optimize your brand for massive results. Don’t miss the boat, create a brilliant brand now. Your brand is critical to the success of your business.

Wouldn’t it feel great to finally have a brand that perfectly represents the essence of you, your business and the brilliance you have to offer?

It’s important to clearly define your brand and it’s just like hitting a bull’s eye.  That’s exactly what the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint will help you to do. Your brand must be clear in the minds of your prospects and clients.

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Here’s a sneak peak at what you get:

  • Brilliant Branding Checklist, a resource to help you define what the missing elements are in your brand so that you know what to tackle next.
  • Brilliant Branding Mindset Analysis, you can’t build a brilliant, successful brand without people who believe in its capabilities. In order for your brand to grow in the marketplace, you must be a visionary with a positive mindset.
  • Brilliant Brand Strategy and Guidelines, a powerful “how-to” resource that helps you to define guidelines for building a brand with a strong foundation that will sustain business growth for the future.
  • Brilliant Branding Basics, a 101 overview of simple steps you must take before you elevate your brand so that you are not making unnecessary mistakes.
  • Brilliant Brand Marketing Strategies to help you get out there in front of your target market in the most effective way.
  • Brilliant Brand Social Media Strategies to give you the extra push you need on-line to attract more ideal clients to your brand.
  • Marketing Plan Basics, an overview of effective marketing elements that will help you make more profits with your brand.
  • Brilliant Magnetic Marketing Success Checklist, a guide to show you what you must have in your marketing plan to ensure success.
  • Brilliant Branding Worksheets, Templates and Resources to guide you through how to build, launch, grow,  and elevate your brand.
  • And so much more…

After applying the information in the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint you will:

  1. Finally know how to monetize (i.e., make money) with your brand consistently.
  2. Experience true “aha” moments and know exactly how to unleash your brilliance in new and exciting ways to build your brand.
  3. Understand how to launch, build and grow your brand like never before.
  4. Grasp magnetic marketing strategies that will attract your ideal clients to your brand, so that you are NOT struggling to get in front of the right people.
  5. Know the most effective social media strategies that will quickly get you noticed on-line so you become famous in your niche.
  6. Understand how to create a clear, catchy and compelling core messaging that speaks to your ideal clients in such a way that pulls them toward you: (so you are NOT always chasing clients).
  7. Understand how to develop your brand so that it continues to grow your company’s bottom line.
The Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint comes in a 3 Ring Binder full of training materials  to guide you along the process of building a BRILLIANT BRAND.

Don’t wait another minute, you deserve to have a brand that gets you noticed and gets you paid!

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Your brand should exude an emotional connection in the mind of your target audience.

The BBBP shows you exactly how to convert prospects into paying clients as well as how to have your dream clients eager to work with you. Get your hands on this powerful resource now!

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I’ve learned this the hard way…

Sometimes, it’s important to get expert advice when you’re building, launching or relaunching your brand.  That’s why, I want to ensure that you have all of the support and accountability you need.  It’s time you allow your brilliance to shine through so that you can serve your ideal clients in a much bigger way.

If you are stuck and unsure about your brand, it’s time for a breakthrough!

I would love to speak with you one-on-one to help you define and unleash your brilliant brand to the world. We will have 90 minutes to pull it all together in a way that helps you to map out your plan for the next 90 days to 6 months.

Are you ready to experience your “brilliant” aha moment that could change everything?

Here’s how to know if you need a Breakthrough Branding Strategy Session:

  • You are growing too slow for your liking,
  • You are struggling to get your brand in front of your ideal client,
  • Your brand is new and you haven’t launched it yet,
  • Your brand is relatively unknown even though you’ve been in business for a few years or more,
  • Your brand does not resonate with the audience you are targeting,
  • Your brand is not producing profits or is not making the money you desire.

Here’s the thing…

It doesn’t have to be so hard. Let’s double or triple or even 10X your business in the next 12 months. You can transform your brand from basic (blah) to brilliant, in no time flat.

The help you need is just one click away. And really…it’s a steal of deal. This is your chance to get a powerful resource in your hands plus get crystal clear with a laser- focused strategy session hosted by an industry expert. Your strategy session will be comprehensive including: an MP4 recording, PDF recap of highlights plus a 90-day action plan to get you moving in the right direction.

Order the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint (Toolkit) PLUS Your 90-Minute Breakthrough Brand Strategy Session today! You will be contacted within 24 hours  to schedule your session.

You will need some help to navigate the creation, launching and building of your brand. So let’s talk about it. I call this a comprehensive brand strategy session. You’ll leave with actionable steps and a plan to get your brand out there in a bigger way so you can experience bankable profits!

Invest in the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint & Brand Strategy Session as a Combo Deal, order the Bundle Deal.

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Not sure if this is for you? Read the results that a few others have experienced…

With Lori’s help, I re-branded my company and began getting new clients within 2 weeks.

When I became Lori’s client, I was stuck at a crossroads in terms of moving my brand and my business forward. The process was so overwhelming, I began to feel stressed and depressed. I didn’t know how to take my business to the next level. Suddenly, I had an epiphany and decided to call Lori. After I began working with her, positive shifts began happening in my business. With Lori’s help, I re-branded my company and began getting new clients within 2 weeks. I highly recommend Lori and her services to any small business owner who needs a marketing plan and wants to grow.

Lori was a tremendous asset to me. She’s very positive but no-nonsense and stays focused on sticking to the task at hand, getting it done and moving forward with a plan. I am very excited about my business moving forward as a result of the coaching I received from Lori.

Dr. Lamardra Lee, Owner, Fresh Start Chiropractic
After just one session with you I walked away with such clarity in myself and my message as to what I do, how I do it and what I can provide for my clients.

Before our strategy session together, I was in the process of trying to define my brand and clarify exactly what I did with and for my clients. After just one session with you I walked away with such clarity in myself and my message as to what I do, how I do it and what I can provide for my clients. Your listening was so attentive, your questions made me dig deep inside of myself to find the words and clarity that I was desperately seeking. You did not spoon feed the answers to me, but rather guided me and  made me come up with them. Today I am so clear, articulate and confident when I speak about my work. If anyone has any doubts about themselves, what they have to offer and needs clarity in their message, they need you Lori as their coach!

Chana Gilman, Certified Life Coach, 13 Paradigms
Within 2 weeks of implementing Lori’s suggestions, I was able to close a corporate client for almost $5,000!

Working with Lori has been invaluable. I’m proud to say, I’m a repeat client of Lori’s and it has worked well for me. Lori is not just a marketing maven she’s also a sales queen. Before working with Lori I was unclear about my brand and services. I signed up for the Marketing for Trailblazers course and began seeing results. Lori is a big picture business strategist. She helped me to define my unique sales proposition and guided me to introduce new programs in my business. Within 2 weeks of implementing Lori’s suggestions, I was able to close a corporate client for almost $5,000. After enrolling in her Sponsorship Sales Secrets System, I learned how to get sponsors for my events. With the strategies I learned, I acquired 5 new clients to my business in just a few weeks. I value Lori’s direct style of communication and motivation which helps me to stay focused and accountable. Now that I’ve learned how to monetize my business, the business growth opportunities for me are endless.

Tarra Jackson aka Madam Money, Tarra Jackson Enterprises
Do you want results like this? Well if you’re still reading…that’s a good sign you’re in the right place.

By now  you might be saying: “Well, I’m 98% convinced….what else you got?”

Awesome! If you’re almost sure you’re ready to press the ORDER NOW button–and just need a little friendly nudge off the proverbial fence–here’s a healthy dose of reassurance for you:

  1. A clear and brilliant brand that attracts your most ideal clients will make you money. Fact. Period. (One of my clients closed over $10K in services within one month of our session!)
  2. You will save countless hours of time. This is a BIG one. You save lots of time trying to figure this out on your own. Trust me I hear these stories of overwhelm all the time.
  3. There’s a saying:”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” That said, I’m teaching you HOW to fish i.e., HOW to build your own brand…so you will be equipped to share your very OWN brand, your way, on demand. If your brand changes, you’re still good.
  4. I’m helping you get super, duper clear about your message and how to convey that message in a way that builds your confidence and is easily transferable across all mediums.
  5. You’ve had a chance to check out my teaching and coaching style by now. If you like my free videos, blog and ezine list…you’re gonna love the BBBP.
  6. I’m a new and improved kinda girl and will ALWAYS look for ways to improve the content of this training. And as a student of the course, you’ll be the first to get news of updates.
  7. I’m 100% committed to your success. I answer questions in my blog and ezine all the time. If you get stumped on any part of this material, just shoot over a quick question and I will feature it on my blog with my “expert” best tips.
  8. This isn’t just a home-study course. It’s a proven system. It’s also my calling and gift and I am so happy to be able to share that with you.

Ready? I hope so…cause that’s really all I got.

Let’s do this… hit the “ORDER NOW” button to get the combo.

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What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose…

Your participation in the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint™ home study system is essential if you want to grow your business. Of course, I want to ensure that you believe that as well. So if after you have applied my teachings, and you don’t feel that this has been one of the best investments you’ve ever made for your business, I will fully refund your money for the training materials only within 30 days after your purchase provided that you return the materials in reuseable condition. I stand behind my content and the value of the information I share with my clients….especially, coaches, authors, speakers, financial consultants, consultants, personal trainers, and other service based solo-preneurs. If for some reason the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint™ does not completely meet your expectations, just write me a letter describing what you have implemented to build your brand including the results you have achieved or failed to achieve and I will promptly refund your investment. You can mail your letter to the address found on the contact us page.