Who you are

You may be a small to mid size business owner or the head of a marketing department for a company or organization you represent.  However, when it comes to advertising, you don’t have time to research the in’s and out’s of putting together an effective media buy.  You don’t have the time to worry about researching the best mediums to use or negotiating the best rates. Perhaps cost per point and cost per thousand are the last figures you want to worry about. You’re unsure about the best advertising message to use and how to develop a strategic CALL TO ACTION. You need guidance and you don’t want to waste money on something that won’t work. You need a professional media buyer to get the job done. Relax, you’re in the right place.

What we do for you

We go back to the basics, meaning identifying the advertising essentials. During our consultation, we will sit down with you and perform a “client audit and analysis” of your needs, goals and objectives. The first phase is determining your target audience because who you’re trying to reach is critical. Once we determine the audience, we will dive into the bests methods to reach them and deliver the messaging. To summarize, we navigate through the: who, what, when, where, why & how until we are able to develop a strategic and comprehensive advertising campaign customized to fit your needs.

We will determine the best advertising medium suited for your message whether it’s; Radio, network TV,  Cable TV, Connected TV (CTV), Print, Internet, outdoor, digital media or social media, etc. We will create a dynamic video or audio commercial, draft a high impact display ad, or digital ad designed to produce maximum results for your advertising campaign. We offer a full suite of creative services including  audio and visual media production as well. No matter what your budget is, our goal is to maximize your dollars by giving you the best reach and highest number of gross impressions that will provide you with a measurable return on your investment.

Our Approach

We have a 3 Tier Approach to our media buys including: Pre-Launch, Campaign Delivery and Post-Launch Recap and Reflections.

1. Advertising Planning, Analysis & Consultation:

-We utilize thorough audience & industry research to focus on your target audience.

– We review your competitors to ensure you are differentiating your message.

– Media Buying and Placement:

-We help you create a budget.

-We maximize your advertising budget by utilizing strong negotiation on your behalf.

2. Campaign delivery, Media Performance Monitoring:
-We demonstrate your media’s performance with comprehensive monitoring and tracking.

3. Post Launch, Recap, Reflections and Valuable Analysis:
-We summarize and assess the effectiveness of your media campaigns and make strategic recommendations for future buys.

Our strategic and comprehensive approach is designed to produce optimal results for your media budget! We care about your bottomline!

Who you are

You’re a small business owner or entrepreneur without a marketing plan or with a plan that needs reviewing and tweaking. You have a profitable business but you’re ready to stop being the best kept secret in your industry. You have customers but you’re definitely not at full capacity. Your marketing is not automated and you definitely need to create brand messaging that caters to a specific audience so they know where and how to find you. You don’t have time to write your own plan and may even need some help with execution. The bottom line is simply that you need your marketing to produce results so you get better clients, grow your brand visibility and increase sales.

What we do for you

We write your marketing plan with a smart strategy period. During our consultation we perform a client needs analysis to discover where you’re falling short and how we can get you up to speed. We review your website, collateral materials and overall marketing plan and make suggestions.

Our Approach

  • We meet with you for the initial consultation either in person or via virtual session.
  • Review your mission, vision and goals – we help you think BIG picture so you’re able to plan for long term results and success
  • We formulate a plan with or without research –  we analyze the market and see where you fit in. It’s your choice whether we include research in our plan. However it’s important to understand the landscape before you draft a blueprint.
  • We create a customize marketing plan for your business using our 21 STEP blueprint process which includes various elements including marketing, strategy, tactics, promotions and more.
  • We deliver the plan to you in PDF format.
  • Our final session includes an overview of the plan with detailed explanations and suggestions for implementation.
Our approach is designed to help you attract your ideal clients so you’re not working so hard for them.