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ATTENTION: Consultants, Authors, Speakers, Life Coaches, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Accountants, Tax Preparers, Virtual Assistants, Organizers, Dentists, Doctors, Fitness experts, Chiropractors, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Corporate Trainers and Other Service-Based Small Business Owners or Solo Practitioners:

Are you ready to BREAKTHROUGH, accelerate and ascend to a higher level of success so you can have a more profitable business? Let me show you how to use Your Brilliant Unique Gifts & Skills (Your B.U.G.S™) to attract MORE Ideal Clients, build a solid brand & prosperity plan!

Together we will  create an acceleration plan to skyrocket your revenue fast. In just 90 minutes of Content Rich, Strategies Using My Proven Trailblazing Marketing Success Formula…guaranteed!

In (90) powerful minutes, I’ll  show you how to turn your service based business into a  revenue generating, client attraction success… as quickly as possible. Introducing the Business Empowerment Strategy Session!

Business Empowerment Strategy Session


This 2.5 hour session is designed to help you get clarity about the next best move you should take to catapult your small business to greater success. We will only tackle the top 2 or 3 issues you have and create a game plan to address and fill in holes, so you have a strategy and action plan to win.



Dear Trailblazing Professional,

It’s your marketing/sales coach and business strategist, Lori A. Manns here and if you spend 2.5 hours with me, I will commit to showing you the exact strategies to turn your business into a “dream” client magnetic machine.  I’m going to guide you through the process of give your business the boost you need to finally get over those speed bumps and onto trailblazing success. And it will not take a long time either. Let’s just say we’ll be done in 2.5 hours flat.

I am going to show you how to use  “Magnetic Marketing” to grow your business rapidly. I am going to show you how to MONETIZE your marketing. You see Magnetic Marketing is compelling as well as:

  • Experiential
  • Education Based
  • Problem Focused
  • Emotionally Driven

This type of marketing gives your clients an experience they will NEVER forget! It is the kind that most of your competitors are NOT utilizing! If you are ready to elevate your income and play a bigger game… let’s get started. I will offer my time, content and experience to partner with your effort and together, we create the success you deserve.

Here’s how to know that the BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT STRATEGY session is not a good fit for you: If you’re ready to leap forward, here are some indicators that describe where you are right now:
  • You’re not a business owner
  • You’re window shopping and comparing prices of coaches, mentors and consultants just out of curiosity
  • You’re not ready or willing to invest in yourself through a consultant or coach to get the help you need
  • You’re not ready to take a “no excuses” approach to your success
  • You’re in crisis mode or experiencing financial hardship
  • You’ve decided to DISMISS any EXCUSES for not doing the work.
  • You’re ready to take MASSIVE ACTION meaning  you will IMPLEMENT.
  • You’re DETERMINED to create the success that you deserve.
  • You’re FOCUSED on achievement and prepared for the journey.
  • You’re CRYSTAL CLEAR on your big WHY and not you are ready to get the message out there.
  • You have reached a final decision that the time is right and you must ACT NOW.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step let’s begin the journey…

I will be using my 25 years of experience, practical knowledge and expertise to impart and infuse your business with a ton of client magnetic marketing systems and strategies that are not theory…they are proven to bring you the income, freedom and time to enjoy being an entrepreneur. I will set you up for success with a blueprint and step by step plan that highlights exactly what you need to do immediately to begin experiencing quantum growth….When our session is over, you will be focused,  fired up and equipped with a clear plan. And, if you follow this plan, it will bring you more ideal clients and more income each and every time.

Here’s what you can expect during our session:

  • To uncover  challenges you’re facing in your business right now and replace them with strategies and an action plan 
  • To identify the gaping holes in your business model and marketing strategy
  • To learn proven techniques for attracting more clients in less time
  • A review of the  10 marketing strategies that will work in today’s economy and won’t break y0ur bank account
  • I will reveal the secret to help you stand out as the ONLY option to solve your ideal client’s problems
  • I will help you to uncover the hidden money makers that exist right now in your business.  (everyone has hidden money waiting to be revealed)
  • I will share my secrets for closing the sale authentically (no more salesy  feelings.)

Do you have specific challenges that you need help with? Rest assured. You don’t have to figure it out alone. Here are a few ideas of different ways to use your strategy session.

  • Launch or build a new brand
  • Outline your social networking marketing map to best showcase your talents
  • Design your marketing wheel (plan) for an event, a new program or product launch
  • Create and impliment nurturing sequences for simple, automated client follow-up
  • Plan your marketing calendar so you know what to work on and when
  • Set your prices to attract the clients you want  instead of the ones who waste your time
  • Strategizing a plan for creating your next info product
  • Design your training programs
  • Design your packages and set prices that are based on the transformation you provide
  • Create a winning proposal for a new contact
  • Create a winning proposal for a sponsor
  • Design a new group event virtually or live

Are you ready? Order your Session NOW! You will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a date and time for your session.