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Attention entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, service providers, trainers:

Do you have a top notch brand that you want to associate with a top notch corporation? Do you have too much business debt and not enough profits in your business? Do you want to increase your profits with money you don’t have to pay back?

Securing corporate sponsorships is the answer.

Many professionals and small business owners do not realize that corporations are eager to work with reputable growing brands from start-ups to well-established companies that make up the small business sector. In addition, many small business owners are not knowledgeable about how to sell their products and services to attract large Fortune 500 corporations for partnerships. Another challenged is that many corporations do not have the proper departmental staffing in place to identify ideal suppliers (small businesses) to develop a mutual profitable alliance.

The Sponsorship Sales Secrets System™ is perfect for business owners who want to gain corporate clients and get an unfair advantage as well as competitive edge on most other small business owners in any given industry.

Having the partnership and endorsement of Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 companies in your arsenal, as a small business owner will lend you tons of credibility and media exposure. Not only will the Sponsorship Sales Secrets System teach you how to develop long lasting partnerships, it will propel your business to the next level of success by adding revenue to your bottom line.

If you would like to be able to say:

Thanks to Our Sponsors

You need to get your hands on this training A.S.A.P.

The Sponsorship Sales Secrets System™ covers 6 CORE modules for success with corporate clients and sponsors. This program is offered 3 formats: Do-It-Yourself home study course, group coaching, or one-on-one coaching.

Here are the benefits of the Sponsorship Sales System Coaching:

  • You will overcome the anxiety, fear and overwhelm of the sales process.
  • You will learn how to identify, build rapport, service and pitch corporate clients.
  • You will learn how to handle sales objections and overcome them.
  • You will gain sales knowledge both basic and advanced regarding sales strategies, principles and tactic for success.
  • You will gain new sponsors for your business or event.
  • You will understand how to craft a sponsorship proposal that gets results.
  • You will know how to construct contracts that protect your company and provide checkpoints.
  • You will learn how to get repeat sales for multiple year sponsorship commitments.
  • You will grow your bottom line revenue in your business with money you don’t have to pay back.

Sponsorship Sales Secrets System™  is perfect for you if:

  • You are in need of revenue to introduce a new product, service or event and do not have the funds to cover expenses.
  • You are a business owner experiencing the ebb and flow of unpredictable sales volume.
  • You have little sales experience or no formal training in selling.
  • You are ready to create consistent revenue in your business.
  • You have a scalable business model that will be attractive to sponsors.
  • You are ready to expose your brand to the endless number of corporations who want to partner with small business owners.
  • You are ready to grow your customer base
  • You are ready to play a bigger game.

The Sponsorship Sales Secrets System™ complements the creative, analytical and consultative personalities and skills of professional service providers. You will develop a sales awareness by learning expert sales solutions to help you increase your revenue and grow your business.

Sponsorship Sales Secrets SystemTM: Training Overview (90 Days)

We will cover Sales Basics as well as advanced principles.  You will learn the foundation of sales from beginner to advanced principles and understand the secrets to developing the winning sales mindset. This module will also cover how to overcome misguided perceptions and  fears.  Learn how to overcome sales objections. Get clear on proven sales strategies, activities and developing a winning sales outlook.
Determine how to fill your sales funnel with the right corporate clients. Discover how to identify the right prospects for Sponsorship.  Become an expert at researching companies for the right fit. Become an expert at analyzing companies to find the commonality and synergies to sell from. Learn how to sell to Fortune 1000 companies based on their pain points, initiatives and platforms.
Your Story Your Way. Learn how to tell your story and build a case for sponsorship that combines your passion and power so the sponsor is moved. Discover what you need to put in your media kit that sponsors will love. Learn how craft a sponsorship sales pitch that gets you noticed.
Learn how to turn Connections into Clients.  Learn ways to make contact with your sponsor prospects by telephone, email and even snail mail in ways that push the needle forward. Learn strategies and secrets  to build rapport and lasting business friendships, partnerships and alliances.
The Sponsorship Proposal is the key ingredient of the sales process. Learn how to develop a winning sponsorship proposal that gets noticed and funded. Learn strategies to put together a SWOT analysis so you understand how your business model can benefit from sponsors and what sets you apart from your competition. Learn how to draft a sales contract and the elements needed to secure a deal that benefits you and the sponsors.
Master the Art of Selling by learning to close effectively. There are various closing strategies that work best depending on the situation. You must learn how to gauge the closing strategy needed and how to soft close and heart close, so that your prospective sponsors understand that you “get it.” When you know how to close the deal you make more money. Nothing happens until you’ve sold something. Learn masterful sales strategies that will help you close more sponsors, more often so you grow your income and increase your revenue every year.

The Sponsorship Sales Secrets System is offered in 3 easy & effective formats

Sx4 (Silver)
Sx4 (Gold)
Do-It-Yourself + Coaching
(90 days)
Sx4 (Platinum)
Do-It-Yourself + Coaching Supreme
(90 days)
Sponsorship Sales Secrets System – digital download Notebook with worksheets, tutorials and training materials Notebook with worksheets, tutorials and materials
Notebook with worksheets and training materials Sales Strategies, Tips Hot List & Scripts Access to (3) group Q & A calls
Access to (3) group Q & A calls Sponsorship Letter Template Access to (3) Audio Tutorial downloads 1 per mo.
Access to (3) group Q & A calls Email access for 90 days
Email access for 30 days (3) 60-minute 1-on-1 Strategy Calls (once per month)
Sales Strategies Tips Hot List & Scripts
Sponsorship Letter Template
Sponsorship Proposal Template
Sponsor agreement (proprietary contract)
Resource List of Potential Sponsors for your category

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See what clients have to say

I took Lori’s Sponsorship Sales Secrets training in 2014. I followed the lessons and implemented the strategies I learned and it paid off early in 2015. Within one week, I secured 10 sponsors worth $20,000 for my national event!
Shekina Farr Moore, Founder, Tween Star Awards
Before working with Lori, I didn’t know how to get sponsors to pay to work with me. Not only did Lori teach me how to scale my business to become more sponsor attractive, she helped me to create programs that sponsors were eager to pay for. I closed my first sponsor of $5,000 with a major cooperation that is interested in a multiple year partnership. I strongly recommend that you work with Lori if you want to grow your revenue with corporate sponsors.
Tarra Jackson aka Madam Money, Owner, Tarra Jackson Enterprises
Thanks to Lori, Pink Power: A Mastermind Conference for Women was easily able to secure a Fortune 750 corporate sponsor that we did not have a prior relationship with. Lori’s method for securing corporate sponsors is simplistic yet very effective. Not only did Lori help us to close a new sponsor for our conference, she also helped us to position future sponsorship dollars that will benefit our company long term. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lori’s services.
Felicia Phillips, Founder, Pink Power International Center For Women, Inc.